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You're a leader or expert and wondering if you're still at the right place. There is a power that wants to be unleashed, but is no longer appreciated. Want to feel a sense of purpose in your life ...
... then this is for you!
What are you missing most?
Appreciation? Success? Progress? Freedom? Time? Joy? Relationships? Quality of life? Guidance? Fulfillment? Health? Meaning? Anything else?
Find your great strategy!
  • Gain absolute clarity & certainty - about yourself as well as your goals, priorities and next steps
  • Eliminate obstacles that have prevented you from achieving your goal up to now
  • Activate unseen resources and fully perform with ease
  • Have other people successfully on your boat
  • Feel great about yourself
It´s just a small step.
Click the button below and schedule a free initial meeting on Zoom right now. My promise: During this video call you will gain clarity! I am happy to meeting you there.
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Gain time and energy for yourself!
The world is changing, whether we like it or not. In my experience, most people don't achieve their goals because they get stuck in day-to-day challenges or facing a major turning point - and waste valuable time and energy in an exhausting cycle because they don´t see a solution.

Particularly in difficult times, you need helpful resources that support you to better connect to yourself, spot opportunities, identify goals, to successfully get others on your boat, take tough decisions, and then successfully execute each single step from milestone to milestone.
Why you should pick me?
My clients are thrilled about these experiences:
  • You fast and easily gain clarity, confidence and energy for your own transformation.
  • You break free from external judgement, feel your full power, have your Self in the center and handle your ego effectively - and you feel just great.
  • Your coaching room is your safe space for interaction at eye level and you can clear your mind for the really important stuff.
  • And what's most important: You can activate your "Empowering Force" at any time. And use this inner power source to blow off the roof and inspire others whenever you want.
How about to ultimately achieve what you really want - both in your professional and private life?

Your performance is created from between your ears
We start your performance growing path by identifying what you really want. We find out where you currently are and how you can close this gap.

From the first moment you gain absolute clarity about yourself. And you quickly build a deep understanding not only of yourself, and also people around you with their individual behaviors and drives. Through the Personal Leadership Process we put the pieces together for you and you get crystal clear about what truly makes you special and strong.
Based on those facts you develop strategies that are specifically suited to you and that help you overcome obstacles that have prevented you from achieving progress in the past.
You are able to remove invisible walls between you and other people - you interact effectively and create lasting productive relationships.
You discover a system that enables you to take even the toughest decisions quickly and with confidence, at the minimum risk. And you´ll feel great about yourself!
We define feasible steps to ensure that you regularly experience a sense of achievement right from the start.
With consistent accountability, we continuously build momentum and you develop the habits that automatically keep you on track.
This way, you find your own way to manage things yourself and really achieve your goal, step by step, at your own pace.
Which is the gap you want to close first?
3 steps to your goal
Do the first step and take a decision for your life
Click the button and book your free Clarity Session - without any obligations. Already after this first analysis meeting you will have certainty and clarity about your situation - and about possible disruptive factors and solutions as well. And we know whether we have a common base to work together.
Activate hidden performance that keeps you on track
With your Personal Leadership Process we connect the dots and you will have the facts: what makes you truly unique and what has been holding you all the way back. During this process you will find the keys for effective solutions - for yourself, for your team and for your private environment.
Together we create your roadmap and you achieve your goal
You go your own way step by step, at your own pace and consistently close the gap to your goal. Right from the start you will experience success and stay on track, even when unexpected obstacles show up. And I provide you exactly with the support you need to reliably achieve your goal.
What customers feedback me
"Professional, empathetic, straightforward. From the first minute I felt in good hands with Kurt ... it was easy for me to find a suitable job in a very short time ... being over 50 is not the end, quite the opposite ..."
Frank Bangemann, Heimsheim
Chief Operations Officer (COO)
"When Kurt started coaching me, I had lost my balance. Our conversations helped me ... Then I implemented step by step ... The things I do now are the right things for me. I have redefined myself ...."
Sabrina G.
Head of Product Management
"I was working with Kurt to make an important decision about the future of my business ... provided a workable and pretty simple way for me to create the clarity that I needed to move forward ..."
Wolfgang Kroj, Berlin
Business & Leadership Coach