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client feedbacks:
“I was working with Kurt to make an important decision about the future of my business.

The various options, none of which really seemed attractive, were heavily weighing on my mind and I was stuck. The whole issue seemed like a big labyrinth and I avoided dealing with it, which of course was totally inappropriate.

Kurt's systematic approach quickly removed the weight from the decision and provided a workable and ultimately pretty simple way for me to create the clarity that I needed to move forward.

From the beginning, we had included a third new, unknown option into the process. This option definitely could include different aspects of the already known options. I gained a lot of ideas and energy from the session and now go into brainstorming for this additional option - now I feel the lightness and joyful anticipation that it takes to succeed.

I highly recommend Kurt as a coach.”
Wolfgang Kroj, BerlinBusiness & Leadership Coach
"When Kurt started coaching me, I had lost my balance. Our conversations helped me to think about where my strengths are, how I really want to live and how I can get there. Then I implemented step by step.

The things I do now are the right things for me. I have redefined myself and my role as a successful woman in my career and family, and I am now living this with strong confidence."
Sabrina G.Head of Product Management
"Professional, empathetic, straightforward. From the first minute I felt in good hands with Kurt. Based on my personality profile and especially the goal definition, it was easy for me to find a suitable job in a very short time. All the insights and information I gained from the video chats with Kurt have also helped me in my private life. The most important thing: being over 50 is not the end, quite the opposite. Thank you Kurt."
Frank Bangemann, HeimsheimChief Operations Officer (COO)
"The first Clarity session was more beneficial to me than I would have ever expected. Kurt helped me keep my goal in mind and see myself a more positive light. I definitely recommend working with him!"
Isabelle KaiserMarketing Trainee at Samsung-Electronics
"Right when I had the feeling that I was constantly stuck and didn't know exactly how to get out of this rat race, Kurt Fuchsenthaler contacted me via LinkedIn and invited me to join his network. That was at end of November 2020.

For me it was important that I first build some personal relationship, before I allow someone else to help me find out where I stand and where I want to go. With Kurt I immediately had the feeling to be at the right place and in good hands.

We started with my Personal Leadership Profile (PLP), which describes my personality stunningly well. The individual coaching that followed was very important for me. Based on the results of the PLP, Kurt explained to me very clearly and thus guided me on how to successfully get on track in just 3 months. And how to implement and achieve my professional and private goals step by step.

I am now much more aware of my strengths and potentials and have clear ideas of what I want to achieve and how to get there. Not to mention that the meeting you, Kurt, is also an asset for me."
Heike DämmrichSales engineer Customized Solutions
"Kurt is a highly skilled professional, he is very fast in understanding the real needs of a person for them to break through and grow. Kurt definitely is one of my top choices for referring people that needs to break their limiting beliefs. I trust him and I recommend him."
Valeria GrunbaumCEO - The International Business Company Inc., USA
"I honestly have to admit that I was very skeptical at the first moment, because I've already run across dozens of coaches who consider their method to be the best. But already during the first 10 minutes of the session I have revised this opinion.

Due to my particular life situation, I was excited to see how the Clarity Session would go - it went remarkably well. The right questions came up, not just prepared ones from a list. And at no time did I have the feeling that this first conversation would be done in a standard format. Kurt listened very carefully and also captured what it was really about. The right mix of specific questions, with the required empathy for the situation and the corresponding sensitivity to address things without losing focus on what is really important.

We were able to identify a key issue in the first 15 minutes and we identified the next steps how I can improve. For me it is important that I get results and that I comprehend the methodology behind it, understand what it is all about and don't just walk along like a sheep in the flock or do something just because I am told to.

Already after the Clarity session I had great results and I am excited and looking forward to the upcoming sessions!"
Mirijam PasquiniFinance - Controlling - Process Management
"I am more than pleased by the way Kurt coached me and my employees to the next level. In a pleasant en effective way we were able to discover our limiting beliefs and change these to poweractions and create new oppertunities for the future. Kurt thanks for being a more than a coach for me and our employees."
Harry WiechersDevelopment manager for the municipality of Amsterdam
"Kurt Fuchsenthaler, an International Coach, guides entrepreneurs just like you to build extraordinary teams whilst guiding your executives to create a workplace culture where people enjoy working and achieve outstanding results.

I recently worked a major project with Kurt and consistently observed him being connected, caring, confident, curious, happy, calm & composed. I recognize his power and greatness, combined with his humility and tranquility making him a force to be reckoned with.

If you want to build extraordinary teams and achieve epic results, then Kurt is your next best step!"
James Grima, Melbourne (Australia)Entrepreneur & CEO
"Through the PLP process with Birgit and Kurt, I have found out what describes my character and where are the areas showing my personal strengths.

I consider the result particularly valuable for my professional life, to position myself correctly and to use my strengths there, as well as in my private life, to unfold my natural identity.

I got helpful values for my own personality, for my goals, for positioning myself, and recommendations on how to use my strengths. The combination of my behavior values stands for methodical, careful and clever action. My motivators show that I can achieve best results in the pursuit of results and am therefore a born CEO. This gives me courage for a long-term goal".
Nicola E.Executive Assistant to CTO
"Kurt Fuchsenthaler is an intuitive coach. I found our work together to be really beneficial as he is patient and kind as well as truthful which are great qualities in a coach!"
Susanne SulbyUSA
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